Baumstachlerweibchen Birgit ist neu in den Tiergarten Kleve gezogen
10.01.2022 Tiergarten -Foto A.Gossens (133)

About us

„We get people excited about animals!“-that is the philosophy of the Zoo Cleves. Due to the closeness to the animals, the allowed feeding of several species and the great variety of enclosures, planned within the scope of our masterplan „Zoo Cleves 20+“, visitors soon will be experiencing even closer contact to the animals.

Because of this unique experience and the interaction between visitor and animal, greater emotional bonds to the shown animals will be formed. Our animals also function as ambassadors for their fellow species living in the wild. This will inform our visitors about endangerment and the protective measures we can take to prevent extinction. Emotional attachment is an important intrinsic reason to help endangered species. The more the visitors love the shown animals, the more they are inclined to help and prevent their extinction in the wild.

Zoo Cleves is a modern center for species protection. We make a sincere effort for endangered livestock species as well as endangered wild animals. Besides our efforts in ex-situ processes by participating in EEPs and other breeding programmes as well as our own efforts in conservation breeding on site, the Zoo Cleves increasingly supports in-situ-conservation programmes. Those come into play in the natural habitats of the endangered species.

With 120,000 annual visitors the Zoo Cleves is the most visited recreational facility in Cleves and one of the top leisure activities on the german-dutch border. 28 staff members, of various professions, are needed to provide for our over 300 animals and make the day unforgettable for our visitors. The operating costs of the zoo amount to a four figure number.

We get people excited about animals! Visit the family zoo in the lower rhine area to experience it yourself! When can we expect to meet you? See you soon in the Zoo Cleves!


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