Baumstachlerweibchen Birgit ist neu in den Tiergarten Kleve gezogen
10.01.2022 Tiergarten -Foto A.Gossens (133)

Support our zoo

We would appreciate your support! The expenses to care for our 300 animals and the preservation of the Zoo Cleves add up to a four figure number. Planned expansions can only be realized with the help of sponsors. Contribute to the feed costs of your favourite animal by becoming a supporter, donate for our new projects or use the Amazon smile function to support us while online shopping. You can find us as „Verein Tiergarten Kleve e.V.“ (=Zoo Cleves).

Get a sponsorship for your favourite animal or support us via a donation. Every donation, whether they are from a family or a business, will in its entirety provide for the animals and help with zoo maintenance as well as its development. It is possible to donate and have it earmarked for a specific animal or project. We are happy about every euro!

If you want to support Zoo Cleves with a donation, transfer the amount to our donation account. Do you need a tax receipt? Then mention „donation+your name+your address“ on your transfer. For a donation of 300 Euros and upwards you will get a tax receipt from us, for every donation under that amount your bank statement is enough proof.

Please contact our office under for further information. Thank you for your support!

Donation account
Sparkasse Rhein-Maas
IBAN: DE64 3245 0000 0005 0038 19

Volksbank Kleverland
IBAN: DE67 3246 0422 0135 5100 17

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