Tiergarten 03.08.2021 Foto A.Gossens (34)
10.01.2022 Tiergarten -Foto A.Gossens (133)

Support our zoo

We would appreciate your support! The expenses to care for our 300 animals and the preservation of the Zoo Cleves add up to a four figure number. Planned expansions can only be realized with the help of sponsors. Contribute to the feed costs of your favourite animal by becoming a supporter, donate for our new projects or use the Amazon smile function to support us while online shopping. You can find us as „Verein Tiergarten Kleve e.V.“ (=Zoo Cleves).

Get a sponsorship for your favourite animal or support us via a donation. Every donation, whether they are from a family or a business, will in its entirety provide for the animals and help with zoo maintenance as well as its development. It is possible to donate and have it earmarked for a specific animal or project. We are happy about every euro!

If you want to support Zoo Cleves with a donation, transfer the amount to our donation account. Do you need a tax receipt? Then mention „donation+your name+your address“ on your transfer. For a donation of 300 Euros and upwards you will get a tax receipt from us, for every donation under that amount your bank statement is enough proof.

Please contact our office under info@tiergarten-kleve.de for further information. Thank you for your support!

Donation account
Sparkasse Rhein-Maas
IBAN: DE64 3245 0000 0005 0038 19

Volksbank Kleverland
IBAN: DE67 3246 0422 0135 5100 17

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