Zwergotter im Tiergarten Kleve (2)
Tiergarten 06.03.2021 Foto Anne Gossens (255)


I want to visit Zoo Cleves (Tiergarten Kleve). What do I need to know regarding the Corona pandemic?
There are currently no admission restrictions for a visit at zoo Cleves. You can therefore drop in spontaneously and buy your tickets at the ticket office.

Are dogs allowed?
You can bring your dog on mondays exclusively. From tuesday until sunday no dogs are allowed.

Is the petting zoo open?
Yes, both of our petting zoos are open.

Do you offer food and drinks?
In the off-season our snack bar is closed. However, snacks, ice cream and drinks (including a wide selection of specialty coffees) are also available at the cash desk during the entire opening hours in winter.

Are there show feedings and guided tours?
Yes, guided tours, birthday parties and show feedings are offered again. Please see the feeding times at the entrance.

Does parking cost anything?
No, parking is free. During the weekend or on days with an outstanding number of visitors it is advised to use public transport.

Can one pay by card?
Of course you can pay by (credit) card or using NFC technology.

How many animals live in Zoo Cleves?
At the moment the zoo is home to over 300 animals from around 60 different species.

How big is Zoo Cleves?
The zoo stretches over an area of 6 ha.

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